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Wound Wise provides two services:


Private Consulting Rooms in Greensborough where clients can attend a clinic appointment.

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Fees: $85 for long consultations of 45 mins (Medicare rebate of $49.80)

          $65 for short consultations of 30 mins (Medicare rebate of $36.80)


The mobile consultancy service is available to any person living either at home, in a facility or acute/sub-acute hospital (with permission). Melinda is able to travel outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area (at an additional cost).


As a Nurse Practitioner, Melinda has an extended scope of nursing practice which includes;

  • undertaking a holistic, comprehensive assessment of each client with a detailed management plan
  • ability to prescribe medications
  • ordering of diagnostic tests
  • referral to other clinicians, specialists, etc.

Melinda is able to provide her expert opinion and advice regarding various types of wounds and skin conditions such as;

  • leg ulcers
  • pressure ulcers
  • skin tears
  • surgical wounds
  • chronic, non-healing wounds
  • compression therapy
  • malignant (cancer) wounds
  • burns